Clinton Elementary School

June Bear Facts!

Dear Clinton Families,

I hope that this newsletter finds you and your family well. Our teachers and staff have continued to focus on student engagement through distance learning as we begin the final month of school. We have been trying different platforms . For example, if your child would like to visit Ms. Tapia, our school social worker, there is a link here for her virtual office that can be accessed through your child's account: At the time of this writing, what the next school year will look like is still not known. What we do know for certain is that in August we will be #Clintonstrong!

Finally, I would like to announce that Mrs. Smith will not be returning to Clinton next year. I would like to thank Mrs. Smith for her dedication to Clinton over the past two years as our Assistant Principal. She has worked tirelessly for our students and their families and her impact has been far reaching. Please join me in wishing her well in her next endeavor.

Fondly, Jennifer Connors

Have you seen Miss Warshany practicing mindfulness? or mindlessness?

Miss Warshany created a video for our Mindfulness Monday Google Classroom. The video can be used with the whole family. Please go to the Mindfulness Monday Google Classroom to watch the video. The code is ebxphqc. You can also post the final products on the classroom for all to see!

Every Monday a new video is added to help us practice Mindfulness. #clintonstrong #togetherwegotthis

Look how active we were!

Clinton school spirit goes digital! National Physical Education Week took place the first week of May. Check out all of our activity! Password is clinton

Extending Leadership Roles


Leadership roles don’t just take place in the classroom! Let’s extend this leadership practice to the home.

Leadership Roles at Home

We can help our families experience the difference between “making my children do chores” and “empowering my children to contribute to the family.” While both approaches get the job done, the first is focused on task completion, while the second is focused on learning and practicing leadership and responsibility. The video Green and Clean is a good example of this principle.

How can we support caregivers in making this shift? First, encourage them to ask their child: What family leadership role are you interested in? What leadership qualities do you have that will help you fill that role? Then, suggest that families work together to discuss, write, and sign a Win-Win Agreement detailing the leadership role behaviors and expectations. Finally, after the child has completed the role for several days, encourage families to discuss how it’s going, make adjustments, express appreciation, and celebrate success!

Jeremy Brasher, Principal at Shaffer Elementary School, shared with us how they are helping students step into leadership roles at home, and inspired our Leadership Roles at Home resource. Extend this to a classroom learning experience by inviting students to capture their family leadership roles and reflect in their paper or digital Leadership Notebooks.

The “practice leadership” rather than “get it done” Paradigm Shift can give parents, students, and you more space to feel empowered and motivated. Let’s extend these valuable leadership opportunities to students today!