WiFi on the Go

Fundraising That Helps JEFCOED Families Connect!

Happy WiFi on the Go users from all over the Jefferson County area are sharing GREAT feedback on the use of their new T-Mobile For Education Coolpad hotspots!

Here are some of their exciting comments:

“IT WORKS!!! I am currently on WiFi in an area that has almost no internet service. I am more than pleased. It is super fast! Thank you for the opportunity!”

Cynthia in Trafford Area

“By the way, we are SUPER excited about the service. We have been in desperate need for an affordable service, for years. Thank you for the opportunity to help the schools, and myself!”

Adam in Grayson Valley Area

“We received our device on Saturday....and absolutely LOVE it! The area where we live is very rural. We don't have access to public water, trash pick up, or decent internet. With this device, we now have a luxury at home that many take for granted. (We did have satellite internet but the data allotment would do little more than allow emails to be checked.) Thank you so much for offering such an awesome service.”

Shelley in Brookwood Area
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