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Martin Luther King Day - Monday January 15th

We honored Martin Luther King Jr. this morning during Good Morning Bledsoe and reviewed the meaning of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. We showed the picture below of Dr. King at the "March on Washington" where he gave his "I Have a Dream" speech. Students learned the importance of Dr. King's message to not discriminate or judge one another on outside appearances. Mrs. Peden asked for students not to focus or judge a person by the way we look on the outside, but get to know one another and learn what is on the inside.

Just a reminder, there is no school Monday, January 15th.

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3GStrong - Classroom Meeting Update

This week in class meetings, students have been learning about mindful listening, mindful seeing, and mindful bodies to grow 3GStrong. Mindfulness means to be focused on the present, to notice something without forming an opinion. It is fully taking in what is happening here and now. When we’re mindful, we are not thinking about anything from the past or what may happen in the future. Mindfulness is something that must be practiced.

Practicing mindfulness helps increase student focus and attention on tasks. As well, mindfulness increases student emotional regulation. Changes in the brain lead to less student reaction when emotions are triggered therefore helping students become less impulsive and have more self-control. Studies show mindfulness leads to greater compassion towards others and reduces anxiety and stress.

Mindfulness is practiced. Here’s something you can enjoy with your child:

Model mindful listening for your child. Mindful listening is hearing what is said without thinking about what has happened in the past or will happen in the future. It is focused only on the task of listening. It takes practice, so try mindful listening by only focusing on only what they are saying. Be present on what they are saying. Just listen and practice hearing each other.

Take a minute with your child to sit quietly outside. For one minute, you want to just think about how your breathing feels. Take notice of how your body feels before mindful breathing? After? When you take a deep breath in and your diaphragm contracts down, it stimulates the vagus nerve. When the vagus nerve is stimulated, this sends a message back up to the brain telling you to relax.

Sit there with your child and ask your child to listen silently to the sounds for one minute. What did you hear?

When you’re in a room, do you really see the room? Do you take in what’s around you? Play this game with your child. Give them one minute to observe all they can. Then, have them close their eyes. Now, have them describe everything they noticed and can remember in the room. Let them ask you to do the same in a different location.

Teach them to be mindful, giving them tools to be 3GStrong!

Valentine's Day Party

Each year our school is involved with a service project during our Valentine's Day party to teach our children the importance to give to others. This year we are excited that their Valentine's Day Party will be held during their specials time where they will participate in Jump Rope for Heart. Your child will receive more information about Jump Rope for Heart after our school kick off on January 25th. PTA has purchased jump ropes and yoga mats to help with both the party as well as future physical education classes. We are asking for parents to not attend the Valentine's Day Service Project/Party.

Students will have a special time in their class to socialize with their classmates and exchange Valentine's Day cards with one another. This is such a great time for students to grow socially and create special memories within their classroom.

We will have a larger End of Year party as well as Field day later this year that we would love for you to attend. Thank you for your continued partnership.

2017-2018 Yearbook Sale

Please visit the link below to place yearbook orders for your child/ren. The yearbook price is now increased to $20.

Frisco ISD - Student and Parent Empowerment Program - January 20th

Please join us for our 3RD Student and Parent Empowerment Program, "Harmony after the holidays!" Our guest speaker will be Mr. William Solari, FISD Student Assistance Coordinator. Mr. Solari will discuss with families the importance of looking into the new year filled with positive energy and discuss any new areas of improvement. The goal is to tie values together and pave the way for a 2018 filled with harmony and joy.

For more information, please have your families call and/or email to register!! FISD staff can register via Eduphoria to earn (3) non-contract hours. Give me a call if you have additional questions. Stay warm!!!

Lost and Found

Please look for any lost items in Lost and Found! We will be sending any clothes not picked up by the end of February to Frisco Family Services.

Thank you!

Important Dates

January 15th - MLK Day (Student and Staff Holiday)

January 16th - Palio's Spirit Night

January 18th - Report Card Day

January 19th - Celebration of Learning & Sip N Snips

January 26th - PTA Reflections Recognized during GMB