Prisoners in The Holocaust

How were they treated?

What was the holocaust?

The Holocaust was a terrible event that happened from 1933-1945. It was run by Adolf Hitler who wanted all Jews in Europe to be exterminated. He attempted by putting prisoners in camps to be tortured by the Nazis. The prisoners that were tricked into this were treated very unpleasantly. Almost everyone died in this tragic incident. So what happened in the Holocaust?

Key Concepts

I found four main ideas to answer my question: the race a prisoner was, the treatment in Auschwitz, work camps, and the types of camps.

The Abuse

  • Prisoners would work 12 hours a day with no breaks
  • Jews had the worst jobs
  • Prisoners would run naked to show strength, while the Nazis made fun of them
  • Most prisoners were sent to the gas chambers right when they arrived at camps

Targeted Races

  • The Nazis tried to make the Jew's last years of life the worst
  • Jews, Gypsies, Poles, and Russians were tortured
  • They were called the "separate" races that had the worst food, jobs, and living conditions


  • One of the harshest camps in the Holocaust
  • The only camp that tattooed numbers on people
  • SS workers, also known as Sonderkommando (Jews that were forced to work), would scatter human teeth around the camp

This is just some of the treatment prisoners experienced in Auschwitz.

Types of Camps

  • The main camps were concentration, death, and work camps
  • There were transit, prisoner of war, police detention, work education, orphan, and private industry camps.
  • Although there were many, they all had the same treatment from the Nazis
Holocaust survivor Herta Zauberman recalls the gnawing hunger on the death march


During my research project, I can admit I had some battles. Such as finding information that helped answer my question, dealing with the horrific content I found online about the Holocaust, and doing a bibliography for pictures and videos. Although I had problems during the project, I also succeeded in many ways. For instants, taking the information from my scaffold and putting it into an essay was super easy and making a presentation was painless. Looking back, I have learned how to write maturely and to create an analysis.