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The effect of diet on your skin

Dear Skin Specialist

I'm just turned 16 two weeks ago, now I'm experiencing the worst acne of my life now. My pimples are all over my face. I look like a star crunch. What prescription should I use to get my face from looking like this? How long you you think the bad acne would last? I have oily skin, do you think that has an huge impact on how bad my acne is?

Treating Your Acne

Oily skin does have a huge effect on the skin, it clogs up your pores. If you are acne, it's because acne is a disorder of the turnover of skin cells, called keratinization.Improper skin turnover leads to retained cells, which block the oil glands and pores that trap protein and sebum under the skin. To treat acne, gentle washing with noxzema and nuetrogena is important.