The Rebels

By Lidia Aguero

Jim Starks

  • Jim Stark is a violent, caring, confused person at times. I feel like he lets people get to him and he feels and wants the need to be loved.

In the movie Jim kind of felt the need to be loved by his parents he didn't get along with his parents and when people started making fun of him he let it get to him so that is where he did the whole chicken thing and the other guy he did it against died. At that point he knew that something different needed to happen in his life and that is why he was so kind to Plato.

Throughout the movie I think Jim learned his lesson especially with seeing Plato being killed he then saw that he can do something good that he's not always a bad person. He learned from his experience because not a lot of people would learn from there experiences until they experience something really bad and i'm pretty sure of what Jim had to go through was bad enough for him.

Jim notices Plato's mismatched socks and he thinks it's kind of weird but the Reason I think he pays attention to them because he knows that Plato has a lot of things going on. So the mismatched socks kind of explain his life that hes not really paying attention to anything anymore because his life is mismatched a little messed up. The chickie run also has something to do with Jim because everyone pressures Jim to do something and he does do it so he can show others what he's all about.

The main lesson for Jim was that he always said to himself that he was a bad person and his lesson was to learn that he is not a bad person that at times he can do some things right. He did learn his lesson because he tried his best to be there for Plato when no one else was there for him.

One of my questions during the group discussion was "Who's family situation do you think was the worst and why?" I said Plato's family situation was probably the worst because Plato obviously didn't have his parents there with him anymore and that's probably the worst thing, Not being able to have your parents their for you. Plato seemed like he went through a lot especially if he ended up killing the puppies and at the end he was carrying a gun all because he wanted to feel love by someone especially his parents.


  • Needs love
  • Wants attention
  • Pretty & popular girl
  • Is like "Juliet"
  • Falls in love quickly

In the movie Judy doesn't feel loved by her dad mostly, her dad doesn't want to show her that love anymore well because shes grown now. She gets mad at that because it's true teenagers should feel loved by their parents always. She goes off and her boyfriend ends up dying but she kind of forgets about him then falls in love with Jim after like a day and that is what she wanted. To find love.


  • Looks shy but isn't
  • Crazy
  • Wants to feel loved
  • Sad because of tragedy with parents
  • Wants to feel what it's like to have parents
  • Depressed in some way

Plato in the movie, he looks shy but he wasn't shy he kind of just looked for a good friendship with someone because of his parents being dead he didn't know what it was like to feel cared by someone or loved. He was crazy because I think the whole parent thing affected him and he ended up shooting someone and killing puppies but I think he did that all because he was mad. He acted like if Judy and Jim were his parents and that's what shows that he wants to be able to have that son and parents relationship because he never got to feel it.