Host Elina from Ukraine

World Heritage Student Exchange

Help contribute to global harmony

Each year, World Heritage offers North American families the opportunity to host girls and boys, ages 15 to 18, from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Pacific, Canada and Mexico. World Heritage invites you and your family to participate in this invaluable cultural experience and help contribute to global harmony.
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Meet Elina from Ukraine

Opening you heart and home to Elina a FLEX student from Ukraine be a wonderful chance to learn new cultures and teach yours. Elina is 15 and will be 16 in September, she is a very outgoing, active and caring young lady. At home she lives with her mother, father and cat. Here is what Elina has to say about herself "My favorite activity is dancing as it is a way to cheer yourself up to the maximum. I also believe that movement gives extra energy. I also enjoy aerobics, running, bowling, pets,swimming, camping, computers, cooking, spending time with friends, movies, reading,traveling, listening to music and more. While at home in Ukraine my chores include looking after my cat, helping my mother, washing the dishes and cleaning my room." Elina is very excited to see the traditions that we offer here in America for Christmas and many other holidays. Elina would like to become a specialist in International Relations and hope to find that her time in The USA would help her with that. She also says, "I think the US and you will teach me a lot of things about people and other way of life. This year will be the most important and valuable experience in my life. It has been a long time dream of mine and I cannot wait for the adventure to begin! I also want to share my culture with Americans and be a good ambassador for Ukraine." Elina is a very excited and motivated student with her heart in all the right places to come to the USA so don't you think she could be a great fit in your home?

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