Teaching Argument in a Digital Age

A series of workshops presented by Drew University

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Teaching Argument in a Digital Age- A Series of Workshops For Educators

In the age of instant updates, fake news, and mile-long comment pages, it can be hard to navigate what makes a "good" argument. Join #DrewTEACH for a series of evening workshops in which participants will have the opportunity to be learners and makers.

Join us for individual workshops, or all three for a more complete digital argument education.

Our inservice philosophy centers on the belief that teachers are the best teachers of teachers. Our presenters are practicing teachers who have engaged in classroom inquiry, trained as teacher leaders, and presented teaching demonstrations in a variety of settings. All have completed training with the Digital Literacies Collaborative.

Playing with Podcasts (March 26, 2018 6:30pm, Drew University EC 109/145)

Reading and writing podcasts teaches young writers the power of making intentional authorial choices. With such a low-technology barrier, podcasts are a great kick off point for incorporating digital tools into the classroom. Through this workshop teachers examine how podcasts can be used for crafting strong arguments and for giving students. During this workshop, teachers will have the chance to create their own podcast.

Loud Silence and Organized Chaos: Using Digital Discussions to Promote Argumentative Writing (April 17, 2018 6:30pm, Drew University EC 109/145)

During this workshop teachers will engage in a digital discussion as a discussion technique to promote the critical thinking and communication skills required for effective argumentative writing. Participants will analyze the strengths, opportunities, and challenges of incorporating digital discussions at various points in the argumentative writing process. By the end of the workshop participants will draft a plan to integrate digital discussions into their instructional practice around argumentative writing, including strategies to ensure that all learners are appropriately supported and challenged at all stages of the learning experience.

Teaching Argument with the Technology in Your Pocket (May 10, 2018 6:30pm, Drew University EC 109/145)

A lack of technology doesn’t mean that students need to miss out on honing digital literacy skills. This workshop helps educators to craft a Common Core aligned digital argument project using the technology students already have. During this workshop teachers will participate in their own version of the project and be given time to craft a project of their own. This workshop will focus on how to help students learn to think of themselves as writers and how to create a positive writing environment in the classroom.

Pricing and Registration

$75 per workshop


$150 for all three


Register using this link: https://goo.gl/forms/zzcKkPymJM7Av8CU2

or email LKing@Drew.edu