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Foundation, Essentials, Challenge

Classical Conversations

Foundations & Essentials Programs through the Challenge years

We believe...

... a great education starts with a firm foundation, along with being equipped with essential skills.

Children along with one of their parents meet together with a parent-tutor to learn the first skill of learning: how to memorize anything in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Students in this program lay a firm foundation in history, science, languages, arithmetic, and geography. Our Essentials programs equips your students in understanding our English Language as well as furthering them in math and writing skills.

(Ages 4 to 12 meet weekly for 24 weeks in the mornings for Foundations; ages 9-12 meet for Essentials additionally in the afternoons.)

Our Challenge programs are for students from the age of 12 through high school graduation. We offer rigorous academics, leadership from trustworthy mentors, and positive peer relationships. Students find they learn more than they ever thought possible when they are challenged and encouraged by their tutors and peers. We believe that the intent of education is to teach a child how to learn. Our Challenge programs are designed to cultivate wisdom and virtue through classical, Christian community, in order to know God and to make Him known.

What makes us different? Integrated Ideas and Personal Relationships

We believe subjects cannot be taught in isolation. In higher learning, math finds its application in science; similarly literature analysis cannot be separated from philosophy, theology, or history. Our Challenge tutors lead students through seminars with a two-fold purpose: first to develop a strong personal relationship with the student, that can lead them to a close personal relationship with their Savior; second to lead the integration of ideas, skills, and concepts.

If you would like to learn more about Classical Conversation Natomas please join me for this informational meeting

Classical Conversation Natomas Information Meeting

Thursday, March 10th, 7pm

2731 Del Paso Road

Sacramento, CA

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Classical Conversations Natomas