Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort (Makeover)

What is PRIDE?

PRIDE is a classroom management tool that encourages character building, academic engagement, rewards personal responsibility, and instills pride and accountability for student's behavior and choices in the classroom. This system tracks student engagement and behavior in the classroom visually for the class to monitor.


How we would change it:

There are many variations of what a PRIDE chart could look like. Above are many different examples of what these behavior charts look like. If we could create and implement our PRIDE chart, we could make a compilation of each of these charts into one. The idea of identifying our students as scholars is encouraging for them. We would not include the happy or sad faces, because we think we do not think we should talk to our students as babies, and using symbolic words will be more encouraging than an emoji. We like the color coding option of this chart, yet would not use clothes pins. We would use magnets that each child would get to design themselves to take pride in their marker. Pride is a system that the school or grade level would have to adopt and all work together to implement.

Molly Gabrielson, Julia Noland, Becky Brady