Artichoke's Heart

Author, Suzanne Supplee.


Artichoke’s Heart by Suzanne Supplee is not a story about an artichoke and its life. This novel is about the life of Rosemary Goode and her boyfriends, Mr. Hersey, Mr. Reeses, and Mr. M&M. (Note: These are not real people they are candy bars.) Rosemary struggles with her weight and her health and decides to do something about it after her highest number spoked to her on the scale and yes it really talks her Aunt Mary bought it off of QVC for her. Also her Aunt bought her a treadmill that she never turned on or bothered to used so she used it as a drying rack.

After Christmas break she has to go to the place she hates more than anything in the world. School. Even the name made her shiver, that place was full of jocks and cheerleaders who made fun of her and called her names but then she saw something that made her want to never leave. His name was Kyle Cox, a new student, smart, athletic, and most of all nice to Rosie.

Will they get together or will Kyle just be a dream Rosie will have to chase on her treadmill? Find out in this uplifting novel about friendships, relationships, and family.

Main Characters

About the Author

Suzanne graduated from Southern Illinois University and earned a masters degree in creative writing from Towson University in Maryland. She is married and has three daughters. Suzanne has worked as a teacher and a writer for many years. Her favorite hobbies include exercise, reading, and, writing.
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What Happens? (Beginning, Middle, End)


Rosemary gets a $700 treadmill from her Aunt Mary and her mother. Something that she wile never use. Her Aunt Mary also got her two stupid diet books and three tickets for the conference called "Healing the Fat Girl Within." (I'm pretty sure there's a theme going on here). Let's just say that Rosemary had one very disappointing Christmas. When Christmas break ended Rosemary went back to the place she had always hated. School. It was a place full of jocks and popular kids who made fun of her but something caught her eyes. Kyle Cox, but something else did too. Kay-Kay Reese being left out of the popular girls' table, Rosemary did the right thing and let Kay-Kay sit with her.


Rosemary becomes the happiest she has ever been, she was friends with Kay-Kay, getting to know Kyle really well, and actually losing weight but something terrible had happened. Rosemary's mother has had a cough for a couple of months and it wouldn't go away. She finally went to the doctor and got digegnost with cancer in her lungs and respiratory area.


Mother's cancer has gotten better, and just to make her feel good Rosemary decided to start running and exercising on her treadmill. After Kay-Kay found out Rosemary was running, she decided to drag her along for a 3 mile run outside and up hill. Rosemary could have easily died, but she was glad she did it. She started running more and exercising because prom was coming up and she wanted to look perfect for her date with Kyle. ~*~I don't want to give the ending away so you have to read the book to find out what happens next!~*~