February News

Ms. Brokenshire's Grade 3 Class

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Our Quick Month

February is always our quick month at school, and with last week's winter break, it is flying by faster than ever! Nevertheless, here's a look at what we are up to this beautiful month...

Math: We are doing a little more work with adding and subtracting higher numbers, particularly 3-digit +/- 2-digit numbers. We have also begun to explore the process of multiplication through building equal groups and equal rows (arrays). In addition, we are digging deeper into problem-solving strategies through comprehension of the story problem and various modelling techniques such as acting it out and drawing pictures.

Social Studies/Science: We are currently investigating various organizations that help people in our unit on global citizenship. This is our follow-up activity to our Festival of Trees fundraiser. We will research a variety of charitable organizations, such as the Red Cross and Free the Children, and then decide as a class which organization we will support with our fundraising dollars this year.

Language Arts: Students are continuing to have daily blocks of time in school for reading good fit "growth" books, as well as shared reading opportunities to just read for pure enjoyment with a friend or two. Check in with your child to find out what some of his/her favourite types of books are at this point in Grade 3. In writing, we are exploring ways to spruce up our pieces with interesting synonyms for plain words. Ask your child to show you how to use WordHippo.com as a great thesaurus! We are also working hard in learning some important spelling patterns to aid in spelling strategies. In particular, we have been working with various long and short vowel patterns, but students' spelling programs are tailored to fit their own needs. For this, the Words Their Way word sorting program is a great resource, and we work on this every afternoon in class.

Literacy in the Content Areas

We build up our literacy skills through real-world applications. Here, students are using textbooks for background information and Chromebooks for current info on the Red Cross.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
In addition to our fun class party, we also made Valentine crafts for local seniors this month. #SpreadKindness :)
Valentines for Seniors

Upcoming Dates

Mon. February 29 - Superhero Month kick-off assembly @ 9:30

Wed. March 2 - Wii Bowling Day!!! Dress up as your favourite Star Wars character.

Fri. March 4 - Staff Collaboration Day (No school for students.)

Mon. March 7 - Domino's Pizza hot lunch.

Tues. March 8 through Thurs. March 10 - Portfolio Walks for my class.

Thurs. March 17 - Superhero Dress-up Day

Fri. March 18 - Staff Collaboration Day (No school for students.)

Fri. March 25 through Sun. April 3 - Easter & Spring Break (No school.)

Mon. April 4 - Return to school.