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Week of January 14th, 2019

Off To A Great Start!

If you couldn't tell I'm really excited that we are back in school. I had some time over break to reflect on the last semester and all that has transpired in the last year. I came to a couple conclusions:

1.) CNP is THE best school in the state of Indiana. The staff truly love our students and the students love coming to school!

2.) I really love my school family and while you all most likely didn't miss me over break, I MISSED you guys!

3.) I have THE best staff that a principal could hope for!

4.) The old adage if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life. This is so true!

I'm looking forward to seeing all the great things that are happening in your rooms and in our school. Mrs. Shaw said the other day "All of the kids are ours, not just the ones in our rooms." She is 100% correct. WE are responsible for the improvement of every kid in our school not just our room.

"Book" Study

If you would be interested in a before or after school "Book" study come see me. The "Book" study I'd be interested in is pictured below. It's about giving grace to students and co-workers. It was written by two teachers for teachers and I've been told by people at church that it is a great "Book" study.
Big picture

Title I/H.A. Teacher

We finally had an applicant whom I interviewed on Friday, and let me tell you I think we got a GREAT one! Her name is Rebecca Meyer and her family just moved back to the area from Athens, Greece where she was a middle school principal for American School. She has her admin license and a degree in Social Studies and a minor in English. Her first day will be Tuesday and she will shadow Ms. Bollet for the day and then be on her own on Wednesday. Even though I don't need to say it, because I know you'll all naturally do it, please introduce yourselves and make her feel welcome.

CNP Activities Calendar

You all have access to the CNP google calendar and should have the ability to add to it (let me know if you don't) Here we will try to keep up to date all of the things going on at CNP. This was something that was brought up and was an easy fix. If you need help or need someone to show you how to add something to the calendar please let me know.

Meetings I'll Be At

Monday Morning 7:45-8:45: I'll be at the Jr/Sr High for a Special Education meeting. I'll be back as soon as it's over.

Tuesday All Day: I'll be at a Beginning Reading Workshop conference with Mrs. Yates, Miss Pearson, and Mrs. Gramling. My plan is to have these ladies come back and work together to help plan and model a reading workshop framework for everyone. They will be our go to experts to help all of us become better at teaching reading.

Thursday Morning 9:00-10:30: I'll be at the Jr/Sr High for a monthly DCS meeting. These are the worst meetings to sit in and have to listen too. Things from this meeting keep me up a night worried for our kiddos!

Upcoming Morning Meetings

Wednesday @ 7:50 in the robotics room: Discuss how Title is going for grade levels. Begin talking about a plan of attack for our number one concern which overwhelmingly was Reading adoption/curriculum.

Important Dates

1/14: Board Meeting (Note Date Change)

1/29: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

1/30: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

2/6: Ronald McDonald Care Mobile in parking lot

2/19: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

2/20: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

2/22: Officer Phil program 1:15-1:45

3/16: PTO Father/Daughter Dance

3/19: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

3/20: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

3/21: 1st Grade Music Program

4/12: Mobile Dentist Follow Up

4/16: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

4/17: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

5/8: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

5/9: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

Please send me any important dates as you get them!

Every Kid Needs A Champion (Best 7 Minutes of your Week)