Syria News

What is Going On In Syria


Syria is a country that has an area of less than 60% of population. Syria's sate is a lot of government. Syria has a lot of fertile plains, high mountains, and deserts. The name syria is derived from the 8th century. Syria lies east of the Mediterranean Sea.


Syria is in the Middle East country's. Syria is a country that has terrorists in it. Syria also has a lot of people living there. Syrians population from 2013 is 22.85 million people. Syria is in Western Asia.


I am a person who loves her family so much. I also have a dog I love to death. Also I love to see me friends, and hang out with them. I see them at school, that is the only thing good about school. I also do a lot of sports, I love them all. Another thing I love to do is crafts. I love who I am.


There is phosphate in Syrians soil.