THE ORVAgonian

A publication of original student work

Bringing back the ORVAgonian

I have been a teacher at ORVA for five years and I am always amazed by ORVA students.

A few months ago, a few students got together and asked the administration to bring back the ORVAgonian for grades 3-8. It is because of their tenacity and wanting their to be more opportunities for students at ORVA that this publication has started back up again.

If are interested submitting a piece of original work fill out the survey to get an invite to the next meeting on April 14th at 3:00pm. This meeting is open to 5th-8th graders.

Third and fourth grade students if you want to submit a piece of work, k-mail it to your teacher and they will send it to Keena Hormel for the next publication. Remember all work must be your own.

Keep being #ORVAwesome!

Keena Hormel

Family Academic Support Liaison

ORVAgonian Advisor

FunTastic Fun co-host