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April 15, 2018

"Problems will come, but your attitude determines how they affect you." Dr. Moses Simuyemba

If I asked you to stop and make a list of the five biggest problems you are dealing with right now, what would you write? Go ahead and take some time to think about it, write down the five biggest personal or professional problems you are dealing with.

What if, with the snap-of-a-finger, all those problems could be gone? What would happen to your list? Do you think it would stay empty, or would it be replaced with a new set of problems that you considered to be the five biggest issues you are now dealing with?

I would venture to say that everyone would fill that list back up fairly quickly. Life is really good at giving us problems. They are always there, no matter what you do; no matter how smart you are; no matter how positive you are; problems will always exist. That is just the way it is. So, the question is, what problems do you want and are you prepared to face them with a positive attitude?

I am writing this post in a week where my attitude has not been great. I have let too many of the challenges I am facing get the better of me and bother me to the point where it has impacted my overall attitude. Maybe this post is therapy, maybe it is just my way of working through the issues. Regardless, for me, it is time to start thinking about what problems I want to face first and how my attitude will impact the outcome of those challenges.

My challenge to you in the upcoming week is to consider: what problems do you want to face and how does your attitude play a role with the issue?


Please update your Domain 3 logs prior to summative meetings in May. Domain 3 logs can be found on Information Central on Canvas.

We will be finishing up final evaluations in the next few weeks and planning Summative Conferences for May.

Upcoming Events

4/17 - School Board meeting @ Jr/Sr High School

4/19 - Senior Picture @ noon

4/20 - Canstruction Build

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