Cells, Cells, Cells!

We All Have Cells!

Can you name the 7 Characteristics of Living Things?

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Characteristics of Cells

Cell Characteristics

There are about 200 different types of specialized cells that make up the tissues and organs of your body!

4 Similar Cell Characteristics

  1. Surrounded by a cell membrane
  2. Contains organelles
  3. Contains cytoplasm
  4. Contains DNA

Classifications of Cells: Prokaryotic & Eukaryotic

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Prokaryotic Cells

  • No nucleus
  • Organelles not membrane covered
  • DNA bunched up in center
  • Ex: Bacteria

Eukaryotic Cells

  • Nucleus
  • Organelles are membrane covered
  • DNA in nucleus
  • Ex: All other cells!

Let's Tour the Cell!


A Tour of the Cell