Welcome to Arizona

The Grand Canyon State

Adjusting! - Adjusting to a new school

  1. Be on time for classes
  2. Always do your homework
  3. Don't get in trouble
  4. Become friends with good kids that will help you

Make the grade! - tips for surviving school

  1. Have similar clothes as everyone else

  2. Try to fit in and don’t do anything out of the ordinary

  3. Have a good relationship with the teacher

  4. Make friends that will give you positive re enforcement

  5. Join clubs and after school activities

Top topics for conversation! - tips to start a conversation

  1. Talk about where you are from

  2. Talk about the state and its history

  3. What people like to do for fun

Tips for Sports Fans! - What sports are popular? What teams should he support?

  1. The Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB)

  2. The Phoenix Suns (NBA)

  3. The Arizona Cardinals (NFL)

  4. The Phoenix Coyotes (NHL)

Local Restaurant ratings! - Which restaurants are good and popular?

  1. Houston’s (4.1 stars)

  2. Red Raven Restaurant (4.6 stars)

  3. Cafe Roka (4.5 stars)

  4. Beaver choice (4.4 stars)

Nocturnal Animals in Arizona


Arizona History - Spirit of Arizona