Million dollar throw

By: Jade Seibold


The million dollar throw was a book i would rate a 5 out of 5. The climax was a cliff hanger, I wouldnt put the book down. The main character is nate he is a well rounded character. He was a troubled kid and in the end he is a greatful and his friends and family got closer to each other. Nate bought a $500 tom brady ball. And he saw a fligher for the million dollar throw at a Patriots game. So after he signed up for ithe throw he had a couple bad games that he lost. But the books ending was the best part but i cant tell you because you have to read it for yourself.


the main characters are Nate Brodie and Abby Mkay. there isnt very many character that are not important to the story or change the stor at all.


Nate Brodie had bad thoughts about the throw like what if he missed? because of those thoughts he was doing bad in football. so Nates dad had to talk to him and make him think clearly.