Artan Zulali


The Tonkawas lived in the Coastal Plains region.


Tonkawa men hunted buffalo and deer and sometimes fished when needed. They also collected fruits, nuts, and roots.

How To Get The Food

The Tonkawas used bows and arrows to hunt the deer and buffalo.

Weapons and Tools

Tonkawa hunters used bows and arrows to gather food. In war, Tonkawa men used bows or fought with war clubs and hide shields.


They lived in tee-pees. Tee-pees are big tents made from many buffalo hides.


most of the Tonkawas religion was Christianity, which was practiced in Native American Churches.

Organization Of Leadership

The Tonkawas were divided into bands to elect a chief to lead them.

Location Now

There is still a significant amount of Tonkawas in Oklahoma.

Fun Fact

It may have come from a word meaning "they keep together" in the language of their Wichita neighbors, but this isn't certain.