Rosemont 6 Library

Follett eBooks Gale eBooks and Overdrive for teachers

What are eBooks?

eBooks are materials purchased by Rosemont 6th for our students and faculty we have Follett eBooks. They can be read on any device that has Internet access; Laptops, desktops, ipads & tablets, smart phones etc.

  • You can check out a book and you have access for a limited number of days. Or you can read without checking it out.
  • Our collection has a variety of books fiction, nonfiction, and all reading levels. Most are shorter books that can be finished in one setting.
  • There are also a large number of books to support the Social Studies and Science curriculum.
  • Some of our eBooks have unlimited access so a whole class could use the same book at the same time. Some of our books have limited access 1 book 1 reader.
  • Use your active directory user name and password to access the materials.

Using Gale eBooks

Gale books have been a staple in libraries they are known for quality and accuracy. They are a great source of information for your students.
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