Hans Holbein the Younger

Created By Mark Backus

Bio of Holbein

The Renaissance Painter that I chose was Hans Holbein the younger, who was a German artist. He was born in Augsburg Germany in 1497. He was taught by his father, another noted artist, Hans Holbein the Elder. In 1517, Holbein the younger had moved to Italy. There, he painted portraits of Humanists, such as Amerbach and Eramus. Holbein is also known for painting the portraits of Kings of England, especially Henry VIII. His paintings and portraits were well-known for their bright, cool colors. Like Holbein, the Renaissance painters were especially known for realism and humanism.

King Henry The VIII

This is an example of one of Hans Holbein's portraits of King Henry the VIII. This was painted by Holbein the Younger in 1537, this painting can be seen in books, museums and all around the world. This painting ost shows an example of capitalism, mostly because King Henry wanted many of his family portraits to glorify the image of the royal family. i find this piece interesting because it was made to exemplify King Henry's the VIII rule as king of England.

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Another portrait of King Henry VIII by Holbein

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