Latin America Region Project

Road Trip

Nassua, Bahamas

Coordinates- 25.00 N, 77.3450 W

Two Physical Features- Ocean, Flat Small Islands

Two Human Features- Docks, Concrete Roads.

Modification- Buildings

Accommodation- Light clothing

People demanding on the government- Tourism

Two examples of Movement- Boats, bus

Regions- 4 Examples:

Language: English

Food: Sea Food

Religion: Christian

Security: Being a victim from crime is very high there.


San Jose, Costa Rica

Coordinates- 9, 6000 N, 83.9500 W

Two Physical Features- City Like, Mountain Ranges

Two Human Features- Restraints, Parking

Modification- Buildings

Accommodation- Worked their way around the mountains to built structures.

Government- Energy Sources

Two Examples of movement- Cars, Gold Movement

Regions- 4 Examples:

Language- Spanish

Foods- Mexican style

Security- Police

Religion- 43. 56% Religious. 25.56% is Catholic


Santiago, Chile

Coordinates- 33. 4500 S, 70. 6667 W

Two Physical Features- Mountains, Ocean

Two Human Features- City Structures, Latino

Modification- Buildings

Accommodation- Built around the ocean

Government- Democratic Republican Framework

Two Examples of Movement- Gondola, Cars

Regions- 4 Examples:

Language- Spanish

Religion- Catholic

Education System- Schools are divided, Preschool, Primary School, Secondary School, and Technical or Higher Education.

Culture- Music, Literature, Arts, Foods


Lima, Peru

Coordinates- 12.0433 S, 77.0283 W

Two Physical Features- West Central Peru, Mostly flat terrain

Two Human Features- Miraflores District, Palace and Pisco

Modification- Built City

Accommodation- Cultural

Governement- Same as US

Two Example Movement: Boats, Declared Independence in 1821

Regions- 4 Examples:

Religion: Roman Catholic

Language: Spanish

Education Systems- Ministry Of Education

Creative Expression- Mainly Art