Nail It!!

Electronic Nail Polish Applier

Selling you the revoluntionary nail applicator in town.

Nail It is the new invention by EmmaKay Industries that will make applying nail polish not a struggle anymore. No more excess polish on the skin and sticky bottles.

Takes only three minutes on each hand!

Easy to use!

Just put the nail polish bottle inside the mini door of the Nail It. Close it and put one hand under the slot just big enough for the hand to fit in. To start the painting press the purple button and wait only a minute. On the other side of the hand slot is a black light inside another hand slot. To dry your nails put your hand under the black light and wait for the red light to flash. The red light is the sign that they are all the way dry. And then you can repeat the process to the other hand.

The Nail It scans your hand the first time you use it, and then remembers where your nail is placed on your hand in relation to the hand slot. All the times you use it it does a quick scan and then proceeds to paint.

We have all the new patterns and solid ones you will love!

Book of Secrets!!

This book is supplied with every Nail It, shows how to acheive the different ways of nail colors and texture. Adding layers of colors and sparkles can give your nails a fresh new look, and with the new helpful guide it gives you step by step directions.

Nail It Giveaway!!

Thursday, Aug. 15th 2013 at 5:30pm

Waxahachie, Texas

At the Claire's next to Target.

All you have to do is show up with your favorite Crackle Nail polish.

First 50 people will receive a patterned Nail It.