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Urbville is the latest trend in the marksmen universe. You will be able to find several people in the school system that are playing it(Bottom of page). Urbville is a creation based game that allows you to build a virtual city. The game is has some characteristics that are found in the facebook game "Farmville", but this is 10x better and not nearly as dumb. Heres a link:

Previous Trends

Return Man 2

Return man 2 is a straight up awesome game. It is very simple yet very addicting. To win simply get to the other end of the field without getting tackled. here is a link:

If you get bored

Urbville usernames

Please leave your usernames in comment box if I don't have yours

Kyle Goffinet: mammofh

Sebastian Sturgeon: SeaBass

Luke Thomas: Mclovinluke

Elliott Brown: elliottbrown27

Travis Brinksneader: trav1202

Nick Weyer:

Toby Wilson: tobywilson16

Donovan Ingle: DonovanIngle

Mason Waninger: MaseWaninger