music within poetry

by Maggie C and Josie P

what poetry really is

the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts.

Ourchestra By: Shel Silverstein

In the poem Ourchestra There was metaphors positive and negative connotation and mood. Mood is the feeling you feel after reading it or during reading it at some parts of the poem the are positive but some parts makes you sad. There is Imagery because i can picture the kids not having instruments bu they are playing there body parts.There are also metaphors because they are comparing the instruments that they don;t have to their body parts. To see all of this information and more information you should see our thing-link. The link is

Musical Moment By Virginia Hamilton Adair

This poem had the main things you would like a poem to have stanzas, metaphors, imagery and rhythm. But this poem by Virginia Hamilton Adair when we analysed it we found that it had very many metaphors and imagery which is good because i could picture so much stuff it felt that i could almost be in the story an example of imagery is when the author says when the were marching over i could really feel them marching over what ever they were going over. This poem also had negative and positive connotation just like ourchestra and many other poems. To me the mood was mostly happy. My partner and i created a thing-link. If you want to see it the link is

The empty dance shoes By: Cornelius Eady

This poem type is a rhythm it has personification which is giving human characteristics to something not human. iT has imagery which is something that when i read it i can picture it. It includes similes which are statements comparing two or more things using like or as. An example of a simile in the poem is "the empty dance shoes will seat on the floor like a wart." my partner and i made a wordle to show the words that come to our mind while reading this poem. The link is

Be music at Night By: Kenneth Patchen

This was the last poem we picked. We picked it because we thought it would be a good poem to do last. Like all poems is has stanzas, imagery, and some type of comparison either metaphors or similes. This poem was special because at he beginning of each stanza there was imagery stuff that i could picture. An example of imagery is be music at night because i can see people playing and practices their instruments with everybody standing by to watch them. We made a thing-link to explain these topics more. The link is

This is how we analyzed our poems