Spiny dogfish shark

Austin McCall

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Phylum- chordata

Class- chondrichthyes


Family- squalidae

Genus- squalus

Species- acanthias

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The organs and their functions

  • Gallbladder- stores bile
  • Heart- pumps the blood through the sharks body
  • Kidney- eliminates toxic wastes, and keeps the salt and water balanced
  • Liver- stores the fatty reserves and energy, stores the oils that help keep the shark buoyant
  • Pancreas- where digestive enzymes are made
  • Small intestine- absorbs nutrients
  • Large intestine- forms feces and heads to the rectal gland
  • Stomach- where chyme is stored until digestion begins
  • Esophagus- tube that brings the food from the pharanx to the stomach
  • Rectum-where the feces leave the body
  • Claspers- introduces sperm into the cloaca
  • Lateral line- senses the water pressure movements to detect their prey
  • Gills-feathery fans of tissue that extract oxygen from the water
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life span

spiny dogfish sharks have been seen to live to 30 and sometimes up to 100 years of age.

Habitat and spawning grounds

spiny dogfish sharks typically live in the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans, and grow up to 60-100 cm

spiny dog fish sharks dwell at the depth of 2,400 feet and are caught by anglers

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