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September 9, 2019

Keeping you Informed

As we get into our curriculum and start to get to know our students one technique can play huge dividends for the entire year. Positive Parent Communications- sending home a positive email or phone call early in the year to parents about how their student is succeeding in your class. This is something I have preached in the past but this last week I got a text from one of my son's teachers about him and it not only made my day but my week. Taking a few minutes in the coming weeks to send home a quick note helps strengthen the parent/teacher relationship and helps create a partnership for the school year.

Patriot Day- Wednesday marks the 18th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the United States. Please encourage your students to wear Red, White, and Blue on Wednesday instead of college gear this week.

Wednesday PLC- Teacher Planning Day for BTSN

  • Even though we have already met this year in our PLC teams for the first time I have attached a video below about the difference between a Group and a Team. It is a great reminder about the power of a Team and how it can create PLC environment that will benefit all involved. The key message is how collaboration is key to a successful team, which also aligns with the PYLUSD Advantage Core Value of Collaboration.

6th Grade Orientation- This has been moved to November 1st to give teachers more time with their students. Dion and Leslie have talked about a change in focus for the orientation and I know it will be great.

Back to School Night- I received the feedback from each department about the length of classes and we are going to shorten the presentation time by 1 minute and extend the passing period by 1 minute. A schedule will be sent out this week for BTSN on 9/17.

PTSA Membership- PTSA has put membership forms in all of your mailboxes on Friday. It is $15 to join and you can be reimbursed up to $100 for school supplies if you are a member. I encourage you to join as they are one of our biggest supporters of school-wide programs.

Solution Tree: Rick DuFour on Groups vs. Teams

Calendar for September

September 10- PBIS Team Meeting After School

September 11- PTSA Meeting in the Library @ 8:15am

September 11- Patriot Day

September 16- Step It Up, Fundraiser Assembly

September 17- Back to School Night @6: 30 pm

Have a Great Week!

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