School Hours!

School schedules should stay the same!


I think that schools should stay at the same time. Anyone that has after school activates

and will have a harder time getting things done after school. It will also make things harder on parents because of different pickup and drop off times.

Time of pick up

Most parents go to work recently after their kids leave for school but if the scheduals change then parents might not be able to stay and watch their kids get on the bus. Something bad could happen to tbe kids because the parents are not home to make sure the kids get on the bus safely.


Many kids from elementary to high school play sports. However not every would be able to do sports with school start times being later. Some people may not be able to do something they love just because their parents can't pick them up with the new times. How many people do you know that play sports after school?
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Less time for homework

If schools were to last longer this would lead to less time for kids to do homework. With the new scheduals kids with sports would be getting home around 6 or 7 at night which would leave them almost no time for. Homework or their own time.

Noblesville schools

Noblesville school district has voted on whether or not to change start times. According to, it is harder for teens to go to bed before 10 pm." This results in being tired in class. However sports also help to boost student performance. If they change this some may not be able to do the sports that the love. Noblesville schools have had this vote and it did not pass.