Salt in the Wound

Money Matters - BY JONATHAN HINZ

Facts about Salt in the Wound

In 2007 the State Government announced plans to develop a desalination plant on Victoria's south-east coast, near Wonthaggi. The project got the Federal Government approval on March 20 and is due for completion in 2011.

So bascailly the plan is because the desalination requires seawater rather than rainfall, it will generate 150 billion litres of additional water each year and a third of Melbourne's annual water supply. which is heaps. It will be the largest plant of its kind in Australia.

Economic Benefits

Jobs and Economy Regarding the Desalination Plant

The project is expected to create:

  • Heaps of jobs! and up to 4750 full-time equivalent jobs during the construction
  • 150 full-time equivalent jobs whilst the operation is going on
  • $1 billion economic increase to Victoria during construction
  • Increased spending in local areas by the construction workforce.

Environmental Concerns

What are the concerns? Critics say desalination is not the answer to Victoria's water problems and should be only considered as a last resort. They say it's too expensive, and that its high energy demands will severely hamper efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They question the sense of increasing carbon emissions when climate change appears to be reducing rainfall.

Some have criticised the scope of the environment effects statement and are concerned about the effects of chemical and salt discharge on marine life and wetlands.

How an economic decision like this would be made

When this decison is made it was a Collective decison on behalf of the government.

The different people involved where Steve Bracks and the current premier Peter Garret

Everyone would have to be onboard with the decison of the Desalination Plant for it to undergo.