Your Local Pharmacist

A Pharmacist's Job

A pharmacist is an over the counter doctor who are usually available at your local stores. Their duties and responsibilities are to provide informations on health and medications. They must know the knowledge about composition of drugs, symptoms of certain medication and how products are tested.

The Life of A Pharmacist

Come join us as a pharmacist!

Working and learning to be a pharmacist isn't as hard as it looks, there are some things we do that may interest or surprise you. The road to being a pharmacist may be hard but it will all be worth it in the end. We love doing what we do and we love not only helping ourselves but also others. Come give it a try!

My Life

I live with my husband in a 2,170 sq. ft house. The house has 3 bedrooms, a pool, 2 bathrooms and we both share our pay for the $230,900 house. I pay $440 consecutively each month on my 2013 Toyota RAV4 car notice. With the jobs that my husband & I have, we still have money saved up for our vacations!