3rd six weeks project

English language Arts

Brain storming ideas

A brainstorm is where you start to draw out a plan for your story.

Revising and Editing techniques

This is good for finding out what you messed on such as spelling or grammar and fixing it in the final story.

Influence of the setting on plot development

The setting helps you know where you are who you are and what time it is so it's important to make a plot.

the importance of plot and setting when creating a story

You need plot because it Vasily is the story it's what you basing your story off of. Setting is for the reader to know where the story is who's in the story and when is it taking place.

The importance of plot and setting in a story.

Setting is so the reader knows who the characters are where we are and when the story takes place. Plot is pretty much what the story is based around.

Forms of point of view

There's first person where it says I a lot because it's through the eyes of the main character. Then there's 3rd person where the story is told by a narrator.
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