The Creative Consortium

Connecting Artists & Creatives through Community

Collaboration, Education and Inspiration

At The Hub, we’re building a place which celebrates creative connection. We celebrate the makers, creatives and the art-curious through a monthly meeting space called The Creative Consortium.
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Join Us

Are you seeking an encouraging community engaged in all things Arts & Culture? The Creative Consortium explores creativity in the larger sense: creative thinking and creative expression. We aim to connect on matters of creative inspiration, motivation, progress, projects and challenges. Artists will-

  • Deepen Understanding of Arts & Culture in Relationship to Your Creative Practice
  • Give & Receive Feedback on Your Creative Practice in a Nurturing & Supportive Space
  • Enjoy Actively Creating through Hands-On, Engaging Projects & Artistic Problems In a Group Setting

Inspire & Be Inspired

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Examine Your Ideas in a Creative Community

A facilitator will lead the group each month through engaging themed-sessions around Arts & Culture. With each presentation, group members will discuss the topic and sometimes engage in art production designed for creative growth during the session or at home. The role of facilitator will organically shift to allow all members to guide discussions surrounding their interests and expertise in The Arts.

Share, Receive & Connect

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Give and Receive Feedback on Your Creative Practice

Members can share what they are working on and receive feedback in nurturing and supportive space. We’ll share resources based on our own skill set and knowledge, as well as broaden our community connections. Bring your artwork, your ideas & goals and receive valuable feedback from your peers.
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Create and Celebrate

Bring your vision, vivid dreams, love of fantasy, inventions, music and art (along with a good sense of humor) as you use your preference for unusual & unique to work on creative assignments, games and artistic problems together (and at home) within The Creative Consortium. Revive your practice, tweak your style or discover a new way of passionately creating.
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Topics for 2022’-23 Creative Consortium Consideration

Share Your Passion with The Creative Consortium

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Group Membership & Meeting Information

To allow for creative connection, the maximum of participants is 8 per session (5 to make). Cost is $20 a session, which includes the cost of adult beverages, food/snacks and occasional art supplies for any facilitator led art projects.

Meeting dates are the last Friday of Month, starting Oct. 28th. Sign-up is monthly.

October Consortium- Habits of the Highly Creative.

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This October, join us for a first meet & greet and learn about the habits of several fabulous, highly creative individuals. We'll consider just what these habits have in common with our own & how they might help our practice begin, grow or mature. Be prepared to share a little about your own unique vision, inspiration & creative habits as well.

Your First Facilitator

Hub member & Art Educator Lisa Carlson is excited to kick-off the Creative Consortium’s first conversations centered around some of her favorite topics. She enjoys sharing her artistic vision through photography and drawing & painting, exploring spaces and places in nature that could lend themselves to magic and mystery. Meaningful art production and community connection are essential to her art education practice (as well as a little silliness).
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Self-Portrait of The Artist. L.Carlson, 2014.