The present capital of Martinique wasn't actually the capital untill 1902. Before Fort-de-France the capital was Saint-Pierre. Saint-Pierre was a very nice rich city but on May 8th 1902 the entire city was destroyed by Mount Pelee.

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One of the most beautiful sites in Martinique are the yoles rindes, and the gommiers. They are known for boats. Mostly traditional boats but they are also used for boat racing. People come from all over to see the nautical ballet.

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In Martinique people speak Creole. Creole is a mix of french, and african language. It also has some spanish, english, and portuguese influences.

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Carnival is a well known festival in French speaking cuntries. It takes place the week before lent. It ends on Shrove Teusday. But in Martinique it goes all the way through wednesday night. It involves parades, music, dancing, and feasting. Queens are elected to rule over the festival. Mock weddings are held in burlesque costumes. And on the last day people dress in black, and white costumes to mourn the dead. A the stroke of midnight on the last day eveyerthing stops.

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Music and dance are an important part of culture in Martinique. Most of the music coes from the 1st Africans that were brought from Africa.