By:Nick Stefekos


Michelangelo was born March 6th 1475 in Caprese italy, and spent most of his life in Rome,italy. Michelangelo received his formal education from the painter Domenico

Ghirlandaio. Michelangelo's lifestyle was he was a painter and a sculptor. He created paintings and sculptures. He created the sculpture "David" and he painted the sistine chapel. His greatest patrons were Pope Julius II and cardinal Raffaele Riario.

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Creator : Michelangelo

Title : David
Title : frontal view
Date : 1501-1504
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The Work

The piece David is located right out front of the main Government building of Florence. The thing that was significant about this statue is that it was a structure of enormous civic and spiritual significance to the city of Florence.

This piece is interesting because it is a massive stature showing how great the human body is. I also find this interesting because it is so detailed and well created.

An example of one of the Renaissance ism's used in Michelangelo's David is

Humanism, because it shows glorification of the human body, as David looks Strong educated and elegant like the ideal human being should.