Falcon Flyer

Weekly Notes for Staff March 21-27 2016

Teaching and Learning the Falcon Way

Hurst Hills Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Vision: We’re the ones empowering students to achieve excellence!

Mission: As a Hurst Hills Falcon, I will soar to excellence by showing respect and responsibility, and challenging myself to reach my goals.

Core Values

1. Do what is right

2. Perform with excellence

3. Respect others


24 Angel Lopez- Evening Custodian

31 Valerie Turney- Sixth Grade

Don't Count the Days, Make the Days Count!

Important Dates

March 21: TELPAS Writing Samples Returned

March 22: Austin Field Trip Chaperone Training PM

March 23: Kinder Field Trip to Casa

March 24: Staff Meeting: Assessment Training

Progress Reports Grade 4 and 5

March 25: Holiday: No School

March 28: Progress Reports All grades except 4 and 5

March 29: Fourth Grade Writing and Fifth Grade Math STAAR/Closed Campus

March 30: Fifth Grade Reading STAAR/Closed Campus

March 31: No Staff Meeting

Extra Mile Reception 6:30 PM

April 1: Para Self Report Part 2 Due to Beth and Marie

Please let me know if you need anything added or see a mistake. Check back often for changes.


Hurst Hills Student Led Conferences will be held Thursday April 28th from 5:30-7:30 PM. Please mark your calendars.


Please ensure both beginning AND official attendance are entered everyday in their designated windows.

As of Wednesday, we had 345 beginning attendance entries where nothing was entered for official attendance. 83 of these entries were for unexcused absences.

When attendance data is pulled, it comes from official attendance. Therefore, many of these students have not received warning letters or phone calls regarding their attendance.

It is the homeroom teacher's responsibility to ensure attendance is taken at both times daily. This is a compliance concern and can impact funding!

Failure Notifications

Please make sure you are putting failures in the reports located in the share folder. We rely on these reports to communicate with special area teachers and administration. There are processes that must take place (some required by law and/or district policy) when a student is failing a class. Additionally, when a failing grade is logged in the report, parents should be contacted by the subject area teacher to ensure communication is taking place according to the code of conduct.

Employee Banquet Time!

The 2016 Employee Banquet is scheduled for April 22, 2016, 7:00 p.m. at the Hurst Conference Center, 1601 Campus Drive in Hurst.

Retirees and Teachers of the Year will receive two complimentary tickets. Employees receiving 10 plus years service pins will be given one complimentary ticket.

If you would like to attend the 2016 Employee Banquet, Beth will cover the cost of your ticket. If you would like to bring guests, the tickets will be $10 each. (All tickets will be ordered by Laurie. Turn all money in to her.

You must notify Laurie and turn in money for guests by March 21 if you will attend. If you would like a vegetarian meal you must notify Laurie by April 14th.

The banquet is always a fun time to honor our Teacher of the Year- this year it is Terrilin Holz- staff who have earned service to HEB pins, and retirees.

I would love for everyone to come!


The transition to AESOP for staff absences and sub requests has been delayed. Beth and Marie will keep you posted regarding its start date. If you aren't sure, use the old system and remember to email or text Beth and Marie if you will be absent.


I have spoken to those individuals who MAY BE effected by possible grade level changes for next year.

There are so many staff situations that could impact those decisions, that I don't feel it would be efficient to share the plan with the whole staff at this time. If something changes and it will impact you, I will share with you as soon as I know. Otherwise, it may be late may before I share with the entire staff.

I always try my best to consider teams, room moves, and preferences when making a decision that will change a team, but sometimes one or more of these factors has to give. The number one concern is always going to be students having the most qualified teacher for that particular classroom based on certifications and experience.

I appreciate your support in keeping it positive if a change impacts your team. Please try to keep any gossip to a minimum regarding changes as they are not set in stone and are just possibilities at this point in time.

Open! Open! Open!

The building will be open Saturday and Sunday from 9-5. Remember to look for the smiley face on the door so you know you can enter. Please sign in and out in the office.

Custodial Requests

Remember: Your classroom is cleaned every other day.

On your off day you should empty your trash into the large can in your pod area.

On your cleaning days, desks will be sanitized if they are clear of all items. Desks with supplies or books can not be cleaned. (Stacked chairs are fine)

On your cleaning days, please have students ensure all supplies and large trash are picked up from the floor. Supplies left on the floor will be swept into the trash.

Do not overfill trash with heavy items. If you have bulky or heavy items to be removed, please have them clearly marked and set near the trash but not in the bin.

Thank you from Nona and Angel for your assistance!

Homework Helpers

Please remember to send home permission forms for Homework Helpers with students who would like to stay or those you think need to stay for various reasons. They are located in the workroom on the big table.

We are in need of volunteers for upper grades...so if you have not signed up (even for just one or two slots this year) please be a fabulous falcon, and help us out.:)

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Staff to Staff Kudos!

Kudos to Justin for always being willing to pitch in and having such a quick response time whenever assistance is needed!

You Matter forms are in the teacher workroom. Recognize your peers on the wall in the lounge!

I know that you all observe staff members going above and beyond on a daily basis to support students, fellow staff members, and the overall success of Hurst Hills. Please send in Kudos as you see them so that staff can be recognized for the things they do from day to day that make a difference. I would also love to share personal celebrations! Email your recognitions to Beth by Friday to be added to the weekly notes! If Beth uses your submission or you are the subject of a celebration, stop by the office for a special treat!

Special Education Blitz

Monday, June 6th, 8am

1849 Central Drive

Bedford, TX

Special Education Training for All Teachers Including General Education and Special Education Staff

Multiple sessions will be offered to help general and special education teachers with academic and behavioral strategies for students with disabilities.


Co-Teaching Behavior Strategies


Specially Designed Instruction



Video modeling Specific Learning Disabilities