Evolution Of Hairstyles

By: Justice Marie Brooks

The Hair Crimper

the hair crimper was invented in 1972 by Sabastian for Barbara Streisands. the crimper is a hot iron that heats then to place your hair too crimp it into a wavy looking form like the "beach waves"

The Bump-It

the bump it was created by Kelly Fitzpatrick in 2008. it went viral and she sold over 17,000 under 5 months. how to use it, all you do is place it at the crown of your head any size and or color that goes with your hair you can use and it automatically volumes your hair

The Stretch Comb

Madam C.J. Walker created the comb that we use today to brush our hair or part it along with the stretch comb but that didn't become popular until the 1990's
The negatives are I've never used this so it was confusing at first

The positives are its something new and its cool too use.

I think id use this website again.