The Gatling Gun


Nuts and Bolts of the Gatling Gun

It had six barrels revolving around a central shaft by a hand crank. The bullets were gravity fed into the chambers by a hopper in the top of the gun. In battle they averaged about 400 rounds per minute, though it was capable of much more. (see video to see more details on how it works)
Inventions of War - Gatling Gun vs Rifle Squad

Evolution of the Mowers

The Gatling gun is known as the early version of today's machine guns. It was one of the first guns that had multiple barrels and a hopper. The Gatling gun was one of the first Guns that could shoot over 1000 rounds per minute, leading the way for today's 96 barreled Metal storm that can shoot over 1,000,000 round per minute. The Gatling gun allowed armies to mow people down, now, our metal storm mows down tanks.

Gatling's Genius Gun Story

The gating gun was in use from 1862-1911. It was invented by Richard Gatling as the first well known rapid firing gun.

"It occurred to me that if I could invent a machine – a gun – which could by its rapidity of fire, enable one man to do as much battle duty as a hundred, that it would, to a large extent supersede the necessity of large armies, and consequently, exposure to battle and disease [would] be greatly diminished." Gatling said.

Gatling started the Gatling Gun Company in Indianapolis, where he made his Gatling gun. He actually made his gun based on his seed planter.


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