May Board Report

L. C. Klager Elementary School


  • 5.3-5.5-3rd grade MSTEP
  • 5.4.16-Klager PTO staff appreciation luncheon
  • 5.6.16-School Board staff appreciation Breakfast
  • 5.6.16-First grade field trip to Howell Nature Center
  • 5.6.16-Grandparent's Day-Second Grade
  • 5.9-5.13-3rd-grade MSTEP makeups
  • 5.12.16-tenative Klager SIP meeting
  • 5.13.16-Band fittings for 4th grade
  • 5.13.16-Movie Night Oceans
  • 5.17-5.19-4th grade MSTEP
  • 5.16.16-Kindergarten Leadership Workshop
  • 5.16.16-Fire Drill
  • 5.19.16-Grade level meeting
  • 5.20.16-Co-op-Preschool visit
  • 5.23.16-Leadership Workshop
  • 5.24.16-PTO meeting
  • 5.26.16-Preschool will visit Klager at 9:30 am and 1:00 pm
  • 5.26.16-Appreciation Luncheon from Anne Hannah
  • 5.26.16-Reproductive Health Parent Meeting
  • 5.30.16-No School-Memorial Day
  • 6.1.16-DSIT
  • 6.2.16-Staff meeting
  • 6.2.16-Tentative Date for Kids Against Hunger packaging.

The Leader in Me

The Leader in Me Lighthouse team is working diligently to make sure we have our data for the grant requirements. We have two more school-wide leadership workshops yet this school year. I have gotten several student quotes to share with the team from Five Healthy Towns for our 2015 grant. I will attach the smore (email friendly newsletters) with our Leader in Me breakdowns.

We will be sending a Leader In Me survey to parents, staff, and student survey. The data will be used in our grant and for our Lighthouse status data collection.

We have received our sign from The Leader in Me announcing our school as a Leader In Me school for the 20115-2016 school year. Thanks to the maintenance/grounds professionals, it is hanging near the entrance to our school. We have a second outdoor sign coming from our friends at Lifetouch.This will be a chalkboard style sign that welcomes guests to our community of learners. This should be in place before the end of the school year. It will hang on the wall facing the circle drive, under the portico.

We are also creating an attendance chalkboard to hang near the office that celebrates our daily attendance. We can't wait to have leaders update the attendance and look at trends to be shared on the announcement. We will always shoot for 100% and work to celebrate improved attendance. Attendance will be one of the goal sheets in our student data notebooks, Leadership Logs, that we will institute school-wide in 2016-17.

Year two of the Leader in Me focuses on student-led conferences and student data collection to drive their learning. We want our educators to make informed decisions and we want our students to see that by putting first things first and beginning with the end in mind, they can be an active part of their education. We want students to see that when we do assessments it is to inform our instruction and allow us to make changes and further refine the personalized learning of the classroom or grade level. This is not meant to be a judgement. That being said, this will take an effort from students, staff and families to fully embrace and welcome. We all know that students need a purpose, and understanding their learning process is powerful. We want them to see that everyone's efforts have . The Leader In Me has researched this idea and found it to be a very beneficial process for student growth. We all need to self-reflect and enjoy a private victory. It is not a game of comparison, but a chance to make future choices based on what you know about yourself as a learner.

Leader in Me smore:

Klager Garden and Outside Greatness.

The garden is taking shape. The Builder Club, from the Middle School, is woking on new beds for the Klager garden. The classes are getting and starting to weed, compost, and do general prep for planting late in May. The K-Kids did some weeding and raking in the front of the building as a service project. Mrs. Merrill's first grade has annually collected the pinecones from the front circle and drive. I have had some students do some grounds maintenance with me and they really love the opportunity to make their school wonderful. Next year I will fully implement the leadership role of grounds patrol.

Celebrity Server

The Manchester Community Schools Foundation hosted another outstanding event. We are raised a little over $1,000 in just 4 short hours. The celebrities serve at the Dairy Queen and Frank's place. Both places welcome our presence and go out of their way to make sure we are successful. We are so thankful that the following people shared their evening with the students and families of Manchester Community Schools in an effort to raise money for MCSF. (Amie Armstrong; Mike Carpenter; Terri Punches; Kristi Campbell; Sue LaRocque; Kelley Wier;Sharon Haeussler; Jennifer Mayes; Cherie Vannatter; Mike ; Tina Maly; Heather Stommen; Heidi Suber-Stein and Sarah McCaffrey.

Safe Routes to School Award

Kathy O'Mara spearheads the Safe Routes to School Wednesday walking events. Every Wednesday students and staff Walk to School. They meet at Chi-Broil park at 7:45 am and move together on their way to Klager. Once a month the group adds a location, the high school bus loop, and walks with Klager students who are on the bus. The students with permission disembark from the bus and walk with a group of adults to Klager. All students who walk to school with the group receive a foot charm to add to their Walk to School necklace. Next year they hope to add a few locations to meet for Walk to School. They really hope that students and families will see the power of walking to school every day.

This program was recently honored at the See what Michigan is Made of Event : Governor's Fitness Awards event held at Cobo Arena. They represented the 5 Healthy Towns as they received the Active Community Award.

Reproductive Health Parent Meeting

On May 26th Klager will host the annual Reproductive Health meeting for fourth-grade parents. We will show both videos that are seen by the students, per parental permission. The videos are currently available to view on Youtube. We will answer questions and share the curriculum. The materials fit into the Health lessons concerning the systems of the body. Each student is asked to return a permission slip by May 27th to verify what level of interaction the child will have with reproductive health. (No interaction; gender specific; or male and female interaction).


Kudos to Mrs. O'Mara and Ms. Supers for organizing ACES (All Children Exercising Simultaneously). We waited and debated and then finally decided to keep the event indoors and off the track. Good decision in the end, because the rain was strongest from 12:30-1:00 that day. All Klager students met in the gym and did a few warm-up activities with several community members like Sarah and Dana Andrews, Bill Kerns, Dan Budd, Charles DuRussel and Camille and Patrick Conklin. Patrick Conklin and Farm Bureau donated $250 and 300 backpacks to the children of Klager. The monies will go to playground balls, jump ropes, and other playground activities.

After warming up we walked the halls of Klager with the music blaring and the staff encouraging. We had a great time exercising.


Our third graders have completed three sessions of the MSTEP. The longest section was the English Language art section and the shortest six question section of math performance task. The students tested Tuesday-Thursday, May 3-5. I am working to help the students do make ups and finish sections that were not completed at the end of each session. The fourth-grade students have 2 science sessions, one ELA, and two math sessions to complete next week, May 17-19.

Howell Nature Center

The first grade headed to Howell Nature Center on May 6th for the 20th annual visit to the center. Mrs. Merrill has organized and planned this trip all twenty years. She set up the activities, arranges the bus, and makes sure the PTO pays the bus. The students have an outstanding experience in nature. They discover the pond, visit the animal hospital, and scavenge the woods for a variety of natures best signs and symbols. They come back tired, a little dirty, and full of stories of fox, water sliders, and the bald eagle that was kept in the closet who now lives in a wonderful sanctuary.

Second Grade Grandparent's Day

Our Second-grade team, Mrs. LaRocque, Mrs. Armstrong, and Mrs. Scheil, pulled together another wonderful Grandparent's Day on Friday, May 6th. For the past two years, second grade has teamed up with the first grade to share a date. The first grade is out of the building the entire day when they visit the Howell Nature Center, so their classrooms are empty and available for the second grade to spread out to spend time with the Grandparents. The second-grade students meet in their classrooms and sing to the grandparents. they then break out into one of the four classrooms to use the various stations for interaction. Some play checkers, some paint, some read, some pose for photos, all spend time interacting and sharing.