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Esther Albuquerque

An Interview with Jenna Fox

CT: What were you feeling when your parents told you that you were made of Bio Gel?

Jenna: I was upset and disappointed in my parents that they didn't tell me. It's like they didn't trust me with the information. They didn't tell me anything, they hid so many secrets from me that I didn't know if they were ever telling the truth or not.

CT: Do you think your parents made the right decision about saving you?

Jenna: I think I would have been happier with their decision if they had actually told me I was made of Bio Gel first. I'm glad that they saved me because I had 10% of my brain left but if they had totally recreated me I would have been really upset.

CT: Why did you want to go to school so early after the accident?

Jenna: I thought I was just a regular girl recovering from a car accident. I didn't know anything about myself then. I didn't know going to school would risk my life. I didn't know I was illegal. I just wanted to see other kids and get out of the house.

CT: What were you thinking when you were out in public knowing that you were illegal?

Jenna: I was always just hoping that no one would recognize me. I hoped that no one knew about my accident. I had to lie to everyone telling them false information about myself. I never really felt that I was safe. Any second someone could just drag me away saying that I was illegal.

CT: How does it feel to be the first person successfully made of Bio Gel?

Jenna: It feels weird. Me being made of Bio Gel is more an accomplishment for my dad than for me. It made his company feel stronger and more confident. I am proud that my dad has done all of this for me. I just wish that telling me about it was executed better.

CT: Are you ever mad at your friends, Kara and Locke, for getting you into this situation?

Jenna: I would never be mad at Kara and Locke. I would blame myself for the whole thing even if it wasn't true. They were my best friends and I wish they could be with me here today. They were a big piece of my life and when memories about them come back to me, I treasure them.

CT: Would you do anything to change who you are today?

Jenna: I wish that I wasn't made of Bio Gel. I wish that Kara and Locke were still here. I wish that I was still in Boston. But most of all I wish the accident never happened.

CT: Do you remember anything about the accident?

Jenna: All I remember was that we were going to a party just to have fun. I threw Kara the car keys and she drove us there. When we got there it was a party with a bunch of people we didn't know. We didn't want to get in trouble so we drove back. When we were driving, we crashed.

CT: What did you think about the kids in the charter?

Jenna: Well, I loved Ethan. Allys was really nice. She was caring and kind. Gabriel was a really quiet kid. But then there was Dane. I would describe him as empty. He was pale, with white hair, blank eyes and a frozen smile.

CT: What did you like most about your life in Boston?

Jenna: I liked my house. I loved how I was in a open space, not trying to hide from anyone. I cherished my friends and I enjoyed my school. But most of all I liked how there weren't any secrets. Everyone knew everything about everyone else. There were no inside jokes, no questions on who you were and no doubts on what your identity was. It almost seemed like my life was perfect then.
They were 3 friends who were in a car accident together. Jenna was remade of Bio Gel but Kara and Locke were completely dead.


Kara Manning

Kara was a 17-year old girl that died in a severe car accident with her friends Locke, who also died, and Jenna, who was remade of Bio Gel. She was a great kid, always obeying her parents, getting good grades. She would always strive to excel in everything she did; to be better than the rest. You could say that was her motto. She had wonderful teachers and friends. Every relationship she had with a person was a strong one. We will always remember her.

National News

The FSEB New Laws

The FSEB has recently changed its position on what it means to be human. They say that no matter what percentage of you is Bio Gel or false, if you have a little bit of humanity in you, you are human. Now if you are completely made out of Bio Gel then you would considered a lab creature or pet. This has relieved many families and people who used to be considered illegal. Also the FSEB has passed a law that everyone must die naturally. As one person said, "If you are dead, you are dead." But if you have had a terrible accident but there is still a little piece of you that is left, your closest relative will decide to leave you or save you. There will be high punishments if you are caught recreating someone that is dead such as high fines or years spent in prison. That's why you need special government permission to use Bio Gel.

Weather Report for this Weekend

Understanding Bio Gel

Monday, March 4th, 5:15-6:30pm

Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA

Anaheim, CA

This program helps you understand the concept of Bio Gel and how and when to use it. This meeting also introduces the basic laws and rules of Bio Gel. Presented by Fox Bio Systems


We need some helpers on the Ethics Board. There are 5 spots open. If you are interested and would like a job interview please contact the below information.