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April 17, 2020

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Yearbook News

The deadline to order your customized yearbook is this Monday, April 20.
There is an option to “sign” yearbooks this year. They will need to be put on your child’s customizes pages, but it’s a great way to get their book signed.

4/20 or earlier: Before Deadline - All orders placed with $2.99 shipping to their house

4/25 - 5/15: After Deadline Ship home- Parent/student will have to pay for shipping and books are shipped to the school without customized pages.

5/16 and later: After Deadline Ship to Home - Parent/student will have to pay for shipping ($7.99) and books are shipped to their home by the start of summer.

5/17 and later - can order and receive at the home cost of $7.99, no custom pages available.

Yearbooks ordered before schools closed for the year can have their yearbooks shipped home at no additional cost, must email with mailing address. All other yearbooks ordered by the deadline April 20th will ship home for $2.99. After deadline shipping cost is $7.99


go to

enter the school passcode: 1015446336122893

Please reach out with any questions via

Watch this video about signatures for the Yearbooks

TreeRing Signatures

Virtual Spring Book Fair

The "Virtual Spring Book Fair" is now on the books! It will run for 2 weeks, April 13th-26th. This Fair is a bit different, as it has something for everyone! It's not our typical K-6 selection, as shoppers will have access to the entire Scholastic Store. Riebli families can invite all their family members, extended family, to shop our site and support the Riebli Library Budget. This is a great time to add to the home libraries, as getting out and about is not an option. Every order is conveniently shipped directly to their home. I'm completely thankful to Scholastic for making this possible.

Here's the link:

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Riebli STEM Project by Mrs. Hopkins

STEM@Home3 Building with Strong Shapes
Giant Riebli Rube Goldberg Machine
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Mrs. Brewer Reads Zoey and Sassafras

Mrs. Brewer would like to share my read aloud links that she made for my first grade class. Zoey and Sassafras has something for everyone!

In the first book of this series, Zoey discovers a glowing photo and learns an amazing secret. Injured magical animals come to their backyard barn for help! When a sick baby dragon appears, it’s up to Zoey and Sassafras to figure out what’s wrong. Will they be able to help little Marshmallow before it’s too late?

Visit the for a free ebook, activities, and printables.

Listed below are youtube links for the various chapters in the first book of this series.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2,3

Chapter 4,5

Chapter Chapter 6,7,8

Chapter 9,10

Chapter 11, 12

Chapter 13,14

Chapter 15,16
Becoming Brave How Little Buffalo Finds His Courage read by Ms. Lambert
"Dear Girl"
Read Aloud with Ms. Jaco
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