Mexican Immigrants

A Life in Kansas by Sam Pearson and Jaime Rocha-Rivera

Who is your immigrant group?

Our immigrant group is called the Mexicans. They come from Mexico. They come in search of a better life and they also wanted wealth. Many Mexicans live in the capital of Kansas.

Where do Mexicans come from?

Mexicans come from Mexico. In the beginning of the 1900's Mexicans starting settling in Topeka, KS. Because Mexicans needed to get a good life for their families.

Why did Mexicans come to Kansas?

Mexicans came to Kansas because they wanted a better life for their families.

The government in Mexico was not stable and people were living in poverty & losing their jobs

What did Mexicans find in Kansas?

Many Mexicans found a lot jobs as railroad workers.

They were sent to mountain and build railroad tracks. After many years many workers started staying in Kansas all year. They brought their families up from Mexico so they can have a better life together.

When did Mexicans come to Kansas?

Mexicans started immigrating to Kansas in the beginning of 1900's to what we know now as present day Kansas.