Kohler Cougar News

March 6, 2015

Reading and Writing Focus

Over the past couple weeks we have been recording our thinking about how the Earth move,s and its effect on what we see in our sky. We were able to solve and write about a problem (explaining to a younger sibling why the sun changes location in the sky throughout the day) by gathering information from multiple sources. Most currently, we have been gathering information for our opinion piece about why funding for space exploration should continue. We have been using the same opinion organizer we used for our Revolutionary War Hero paper to write our opinion piece.

What's Coming Up:

Reading: When return from break, we will be using reading strategies such as the Facts/Questions/Response chart to record information about more science topics such as gravity. We will use this knowledge to conduct an egg drop Science Lab. The students will be posed a problem, just as they were at the beginning of the unit and will need to gather information to solve the problem (how to protect the egg when being dropped from a specific height).

Writing: We will continue revising our opinion piece about why funding for space exploration should continue and complete this piece by the end of our first week back to school. Below is a picture of the structure we are using to write the body of our opinion piece for your reference, so you are familiar with what your child will be writing and working on here at school as well as at home.

Big image

Math and Science Focus

Math: We will continue with Topic 10-Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers by starting Lesson 10-4 the week we return.

*The link to our Envisions Math program can be found below. Again, this is great resource to go over the lesson with your child, view the video and work we complete from the text at school through the etext format, or even download homework pages from the workbook in case your child forgets to bring it home.


Science: We will begin gathering information to help conduct our egg drop lab. It would be helpful to have your child save a couple empty tissue boxes and be thinking about some other materials that may be good to use as a capsule and parachute for their egg drop. We will also be exploring how innovations have impacted our lives.


We will be testing over Weeks 24 and 25 over the next couple weeks when we return.

Week 24: Latin Morpheme -rupt- (meaning: to break, tear, burst)

Week 25: Latin Morpheme -cept- (meaning: to take)

*Below is a link to SpelllingCity.com. This gives the students access to their lists in case they are accidentally left at school. There are also other helpful resources to help them study their words throughout the week.

Home Connection

Over Spring Break:

Study Island: Please have your child work on some Study Island assignments to keep them engaged in their learning over the next two weeks and to help them prepare for state testing in May, which will be electronic. The students do receive a class dojo point for every 5 blue ribbons they earn as a motivator. There are assignments for Math, Science, and Communication Arts. The username for most is the initial of their first name with their last name followed by @warren (ex. ekohler@warren) and the password is their lunch number. If this does not work, please let me know I can send you your child's information. You will find the link to Study Island below.

Math Fluency: Your child can also be practicing their multiplication facts over break as well so that can recall these at a more fluent pace. We ask students to have a mastery of 45/50 problems correctly completed in 3 minutes.

Headphones: Please have your child bring in their headphones after break to use for state testing and for other projects we will have throughout the remainder of this year.

Mars Rover: Below is a link to a NASA video we began watching yesterday about the Mars Rover. The students were highly interested in the video, but we did not have enough time to finish it. If you would like, please share the video with them so the can see it in its entirety.

Other Information

Online Yearbook Ordering

Below is the site to order this year's yearbook online in case you missed the deadline to turn the form in today.


Enter Code: 737964

Foster Fun Week

March 30-April 2nd is Foster Fun Week at Warren. Help children in foster care by donating school supplies or your new or gently used stuffed animals. All donations will be given to Missouri Alliance for Children and Families. Bins will be located in the front entry for collection. Thank you in advanced for your generosity!


Thank you for taking the time to meet and talk about your child's progress this quarter during conferences. It was wonderful getting to sit and talk with you. Also, thank you for all the work you do at home to support your child's learning as well as helping them learn to become responsible, caring leaders. Your efforts to connect school and home are noticeable and much appreciated!