NDAGC Ignite - Session 1

GT Integration Activities and Resources

April 2022

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If you missed our webinar, you can find it archived in our NDAGC Webinar Library. Visit https://ndagc.org/webinars to watch a recording of the ignite sessions, as well as access all of NDAGC's past webinars.

Ignite 2022

Ignite Session 1: April

Enjoy this rapid fire of activity as our presenters share Higher Order Critical Creative Thinking Activities and Curricular Integrations you can implement the next day.

Presented by:

Andrea Edstrom, NDAGC Board Officer

Bismarck Public Schools Gifted Educator

Stacy Anderson

Fargo Public Schools Gifted Educator

Julia Warner

Fargo Public Schools Gifted Educator

Ignite Topics

Andrea Edstrom - Garden Math Gr 2-5 Integration

Stacey Anderson - Project Based Learning What is it?

Gr 1- 5 (and beyond) Integration

Julia Warner - CoSpaces for Narrative Writing and Coding

Gr 2-MS Integration

Andrea Edstrom - Yummy Math and Open Middle

Online Math Resources that Work

K-12 integration

NDAGC Ignite 1 4:26:22


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