The Cow and Calf Cowery

"Makin' cows run for their lives since 2013!"

The apocolypse of the Cow and Calf Cowery is upon us.

The cows are here, and ready for action. The calves don't take no for an answer, and neither do we. Come to our resteraunt or face the stampede.

Grand Opening of the Cow and Calf Cowery!!!!!

Tuesday, Nov. 5th, 10am

Off Cow Avenue and Calf Street

Make LEFT TURN at Cow Avenue, or just follow the blood curdling screams of joy!

The Cow and Calf Cowery is fun for the whole family!

Adults can enjoy steak and other cow products until they have to go the ER, while your kids play with their brand new cow feet that came with their meal!

Plans for Cowday

10:00- The first customer will recieve their very own baby calf skull to take home.

10:30-12:00- Serving everything for half price:D

All Day- Free Samples will be provided for anyone who dare-I mean would love to try our awesome food.