Fifth Grade News


The Sky's the Limit

The Fifth Graders have crossed the threshold into Six Grade. (For clarity's sake, we'll still refer to them as "5th Graders" until the end of the year.) The cafeteria was full of proud parents, teachers, guests, and administration to witness each student walk across the stage in celebration of his/her success. It was quite a day. On behalf of the 5th Grade Team, and in echo of our guest speaker, we would like to extend our gratitude with a big, THANK YOU, for all the support and communication shared throughout the year. It is difficult, among the busyness and multitudes of people, to sincerely convey the pride and appreciation we have for the growth, accomplishments and valuable relationships established throughout year.

I remember a poem I analyzed in Language Arts at the beginning of 6th Grade. It likened life's stages to bodies of water, branching out from creeks into bigger tributaries, until finally reaching the ocean. Fifth Grade--the start of changing classes, the anticipation of Middle School, the gradual release of independence that at the beginning of the year many parents had hoped to instill--marks the start of that journey. We are lucky as teachers at Pennington, where most students stick around for a couple more years, to further see that progression take shape.

However, we still have two full weeks left!

On Field Day, please wear your graduation shirts and plenty of sunscreen. Parents are invited to join us on the 9th, at 6:00, to celebrate their efforts as volunteers. On the 16th, at 1:30, come hear our student recitations at the Fifth Grade Poetry Extravaganza.

Have a good, well-deserved rest of the weekend. Please don't forget to come to school on Monday.

Click on the link below to view our 5th grade video.

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Important Dates

06/07 5th Grade SOL Retakes

06/08 Finish 5th Grade SOL Retakes

06/09 Strings Recruitment Concert

Last Day of Strings

Instruments need to be Returned

06/09 Ice Cream Social for Pennington Volunteers (6:00-8:00)

06/14 Field Day

06/16 Fifth Grade Poetry Extravaganza (1:30)