Tech Tips Tuesday

May 17, 2016

End of the Year Computer Cleaning

    1. Return any technology items to the library—CPS (with receiver (eye), MOBI/Interwrite Pad (with USB receiver, pen, wall charger), document cameras, etc.
    2. Return projector remotes to the box in the tech office (remove the batteries) and highlight your name. Please don’t do this before May 26th.
    3. Teachers Not Returning--Return textbook software and any other software to the Department Head.

    4. Clean your classroom and teacher computers (see below)

    5. We always have several work requests at the beginning of the year, so report any technology problems you are having now to me at

    Directions for cleaning classroom computers—Make sure computer is shut down completely before beginning to clean:

    Students may NOT do your cleaning; you must do this yourself due to limited supplies and the use of canned air.

    · Swiffers (with or without handles) may be used to wipe down the outside of all monitors and pc cases. Use one for ALL equipment in your room and throw away if so dirty it cannot be re-used; place it back in the box if it can be used again. (I have a few extra if you run out)

    · Red microfiber towels to be used ONLY for spraying LENS cleaner spray on them and wiping all your monitor screens. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER PRODUCT ON THESE LCD SCREENS!! (and don’t spray the monitors directly)

    · Use canned air to blow out inside and outside of computer and the keyboards (lots of trash/debris gets down in under the keys and in the box/fan).

    · Clorox disinfectant wipes to be used to wipe down keyboards and mice only.

    · Spic n Span to be used on paper towels to wipe down tables thoroughly; please be sure to wipe out the inside of the cord storage area as they have become very nasty with dust.

    · GRADE LEVEL LEADER return ALL SUPPLIES (including dirty microfiber towels and partial air cans) in provided crates to TECH OFFICE.

    · ALL CLEANING MUST BE COMPLETED BY the afternoon of THURSDAY, May 26th


    · Please disconnect all network cables (white/blue telephone type cables) by PINCHING the clip and tugging gently.

    · Unplug all electric cords from the wall and tuck inside your table trays. You do not need to unplug mice, keyboards, etc from the computer.

    · GENTLY lay monitors face down on computers so that as they are moved in/out of rooms for summer cleaning, there is no risk of them toppling over.

    · Label all tables with your room number with a piece of masking tape, but do not put masking tape on the computer equipment—tables only.

    · Do NOT cover the computers with plastic over the summer.

    **A copy of this is placed in the cleaning tote.

Email Clean-Up

You want to clean up your email folders before you leave or during the summer to start fresh with the new school year.

1. Create folders for things you want to keep so they are organized.

2. Delete unwanted or out dated information

3. Check your Clutter. Are there emails that should be moved to your inbox or another folder?

4. Empty Clutter and the Deleted Files.

If you need help with any of this, please let me know.

Teachers: DO NOT leave dusty computers for someone else to have to clean. Even if you are still in the same room, you MUST clean and dust your equipment before leaving for the summer. Layers of dust inside the computer can damage it when it sits all summer and you turn it on for the first time in 2 months.

Missing Equipment

Moving Files

If you are returning to a Rutherford County Schools, be sure to clean off your desktop, recycle bin, and H: drive. H: drive storage (including desktop and recylce bin) will be limited to 4G for teachers. You risk losing information or not even being able to log on next year if you are over that limit. If you need help moving your files to your OneDrive, please book me.

If you are NOT returning to an RCS school, your files will be deleted within 10 days of the end of the year. If you need help moving them to a flash drive, I can help with that as well.