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Week of April 4, 2016

Highlights of Our Learning


  • Our Journeys selection this week was entitled, Chick Penguins. We studied the main ideas and details as we read this informational text about penguins. We also learned about the Topic is what the story will be about and that a story can have more than one main idea with supporting details.
  • We played Kahoot to reinforce our story comprehension and vocabulary skills.
  • To reinforce our comprehension skills of Main Idea and details, we played Scoot using Main Idea/Details short story cards.
  • As part of our vocabulary lessons this week, we learned about dictionary entry words. We also learned more about homographs.
  • We learned more about Guide Words to build our dictionary skills. We created a "guide word" bumble bee.
  • During Grammar, we learned about adjectives. Adjectives can describe how something feels, tastes, sounds, looks, and smells.


  • During Writers' Workshop, we learned how to make our opinion letters longer, stronger, and more convincing. By adding more than one detail and many examples about more than one favorite part of the stories we are writing about, we can be more convincing to our readers.
  • As writers, we also looked closely to ensure we were using the proper writing mechanics~ capitalization, punctuation, and complete thoughts.


  • During Math, we began Unit 7 ~ Whole Number Operations and Measurement and Data. We learned how to measure in yards and meters. We also learned how to use a personal reference to help us measure things. For example, I can use the length of my arm as a personal reference to estimate how many yards long an item may be.
  • To measure the length of longer objects, we learned how to use a yardstick and a meter stick.
  • We worked with partners to measure our arm span and longest jump. We measured using inches and centimeters. We learned that the number of centimeters is always larger than the number of inches when measure the same distance. The reason the centimeters are a larger number is because centimeters are closer together than inches so you need more to cover the length.


  • As scientists, we experimented with sugar grains and sugar cubes to see which would dissolve faster in water ~ small particles of a solid or a solid cube.
  • We also experimented to see if water temperature affect how fast a solid will dissolve asking the question, "Will a sugar cube dissolve faster in hot water or cold water?" Be sure to ask your child what they discovered.
  • We observed our salt-water mixtures that we poured into our petri dishes last week. We discovered that the water evaporated and the salt remained as salt crystals. Salt crystals have a different appearance than salt granules. Be sure to ask your child the difference...you will be amazed by their scientific descriptions.
  • Using black ink, green ink, and water, we conducted a chromatography experiment. We dripped water on to each ink spot and documented our observations. We saw many colors form from the black ink and the green in showed blue and yellow streaks.
  • The worms arrived!!!! We made compost bags with local soil, worms, and organic matter. Be sure to check out the photos below. We will monitor the compost bags and document any changes we discover

Math ~ Measuring Arm Span and Jumps in Both Inches and Centimeters

Reading ~ Buddy Reading Using Proper Pausation


Reading ~ Main Idea & Supporting Details ~ SCOOT

Science ~ Dissolving Sugar Grains and a Sugar Cube

Science ~ Observing Salt Crystals Formed From Salt/ Water Mixture After Water Evaporated

Science ~ Will Sugar Granules Dissolve Faster in Cold Water or Hot Water?

Science ~ Observing Soil & Making Compost Bags

Science ~ Experimenting with Chromatography

"Here's the Scoop" by 2MU Reporters

Penguins By: Lexi

This week in school we read a story about penguins. We learned that male penguins have more fat then female penguins do. Or you can call the fat blubber. We also learned that the female penguins go out and get the food because the male penguins have more fat.

The Prank

By: Blake MacMillan

This week in school in DALIY5 we have cards for April and every month

I got the card that said what would you do if you could do a April fools joke on your principal and this is what I wrote. I think I would take the food from the lunch box and put it in his office then get two fake bugs and put itin the suger put a cup of coffe on his desk.


In writing we rote opinion letters to are butties.

I wrote to Emliy and Merdith and the book I wrote about was Pinky and Rex and the mean old witch we also learned about putting 2 tings .

By : Emma Lisiecki


This week in school, in science were going to bring in worms, and were going to see if the worms eat the compost we brought in. If they do come out and eat the compost, we will examine them with a magnifying glass. We’re going to see how the worms change the soil! I THINK ITS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!!!



In science we did an experiment. We put salt and water together and put it near the window. Then we waited a couple days. When we looked at them we saw that the

water had evaporated. Then we mixed water with it again and the salt unstuck!

We had fun!

By: Lauren Hamblin

Penguins! By Mia

This week in school we read a book called Penguin Chick my favorite part was when the baby chick was on his father’s feet he was very very cute! we had a fun time in second grade.

Star Student of the Week ~ Jack McKeever

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