Pretty Rooms

Advice from Mia and Christina

Advice For Pretty Rooms!

Mia: For starters to have a pretty room you have to have pretty things.

Christina: For example bright and happy colours, use furniture like posh, modern or if you prefer country style furniture that's all right but me not country just modern or posh.

Mia: You could have pretty statues, clothing or maybe even special dolls or toys, mirrors could put some prettiness in your room or maybe some special photos.

Christina: Maybe photos of yourself from your childhood and if you like stick them on your great stylish mirror.

Mia: Special features could help too, like lamps, books, trophies and much more, they can help by decorating your stylish room.

Christina: These are the most popular furniture you should have in a pretty and complete room. Beds, bed side tables a blanket box, chest of draws, mirrors, desk and last of all a built in wardrobe.

Mia: And if you have a diary which most people do you could decorate it with pretty features and make sure you hide it where no one can find it!!!