Pre-Festival Concert

Wednesday, March 9/ 6:30PM/ Bullard High School Theater

Computech Bands Pre-Festival Concert Performance

Wednesday, March 9th, 6:30pm

5445 North Palm Avenue

Fresno, CA

Important Information

This concert is to allow all four concert bands and Jazz band the opportunity to perform their spring concert music sets prior to the festivals they will be attending in the weeks to come. Festival performances are played for a panel of adjudicators who will provide commentary feedback. Some festivals also have a rating that is given to the band based on their performance. This concert is to prepare our students for those performances.

This concert will take place in Bullard High School's Theater starting at 6:30pm. Because seats are limited within the theater, we ask that only direct parents/guardians and siblings attend to allow space for all of our performer's families.

All concerts are mandatory! Students will always be asked to show up early for a short rehearsal before the concert. Students must be on time for all of these rehearsals, which means they should show up at least 15 minutes earlier than the call time they have been given. Roll will be taken when the dress rehearsal begins. Students should also make sure they are prepared with all materials they need for the concert. Failure to arrive on time or to bring all of their materials will result in points deducted from their overall concert grade. During the concert, students must make sure they are respectful to others performing. No talking should be done while on stage. All ensembles will be expected to stay for the entire concert to show respect and support to all of the ensembles in the music program.

Concert Attire

Boy’s Concert Attire:
Concert Band & Beginning Band

-White dress Shirt (long sleeve) -Black Ties/Bow-ties optional

-Black dress pants -Black dress belt -Black socks -Black dress


Wind Ensemble & Symphonic Band

-Black dress Shirt (long sleeve)
-Black Ties/Bow-ties optional
-Black dress pants-Black dress belt -Black socks -Black dress shoes

Girl’s Concert Attire Concert Black (All Bands):

-Black dress, black blouse and black skirt, or black blouse and black dress pants.
-Sleeves may be medium length or longer. (No sleeveless tops) -Dress or skirt must be mid calve or longer

-Pants should be long
-Black closed toed dress shoes (comfortable heel height for walking on and off stage)
-Jewelry – Small necklace and/or earrings may be worn.

-No bracelets please.

Performance Order

**Performance times after 6:30pm are estimates**

6:00pm Student Call Time

6:30pm Beginning Band

6:50pm Concert Band

7:10pm stage change

7:15pm Jazz Band

7:35pm stage change

7:40pm Symphonic Band

8:00pm Wind Ensemble

8:20pm stage tear down

8:30pm Dismissal